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Reclaim Your Rest - September 2023

This course can no longer be booked.

A 5-week immersive online learning experience to examine unrest and disconnection to bring rest.

  • From 18,000 Indian rupees
  • Online


Week 1: Inner Selves The program begins with a deep dive into our inner selves understanding all the different parts that exist and their relationship to each other. The exploration of the inner child, inner critic, sources of rest and unrest both cognitively and somatically enables for a foundational and profound relationship with Self. Week 2: Power and Discomfort The lack of ease or the presence of unrest is indicative of power imbalance internally as well as in external society. Our relationship with inner power and potential enables us to understand sources of drain and inequality in our life. The second week is an immersion into understand power and realising how pain and discomfort are innate life experiences and we get to decide how we want to engage with them. Week 3: Compassion Be kind to your gentle heart. Holding compassion for ourselves is one of the hardest skills to practice and embody as all wheels of conditioning are teaching us the exact opposite. That there is scarcity and we need to be in conflict to be better than someone else so we need to push ourselves and do it any cost. To compassion is to be human. This week is all about holding judgment and inviting compassion into ourselves. Week 4: Reconciliation Each of us has parts of our past selves that we have not yet made peace with, or banished away due to the pain we have experienced. This week is all about reconciliation through principles of restorative justice, to bring back to life pieces of Self by creating a safe, vulnerable, brave connection with them and to generate a sense of calmness and closure. Week 5: Integration This week we focus on celebrating ourselves, our journeys and those who are with us in this journey. We spent time reflecting and collating our learnings to integrate and make working with discomfort and generating rest as daily practices.

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