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Eldership Community Offerings

This course can no longer be booked.
  • From 400 Indian rupees
  • Online (Zoom)


The Eldership Community is an opportunity for all of us to reflect intensely, learn deeply and share generously. There are 5 unique and exciting offerings from facilitators with in-depth knowledge and experience to deepen our ability to hold spaces for ourselves, our loved ones and even, groups at large. This is not exclusive to space holders. Anyone with an open heart and a desire to learn and live more meaningfully are encouraged to join us. We invite you to go through the descriptions below and sign-up for those you feel most resonance with! Holding space for truth and care: An introduction to Nonviolent Communication - Astha August 10th - 6pm-8pm IST Nonviolent communication also known as Compassionate communication is seen both as a tool as well as a consciousness, a way of seeing and being in Astha's work. Engaging with Resistance : The potential through and beyond Resistance - Anubha August 17th - 6pm-8pm IST A gentle engagement to look at resistance with kindness and curiosity. For most of us when we encounter resistance, the most favoured response is to fight it or simply ignore it and move onward. But, what if there is another way? To learn to be present to the resistance and treat it as a guide, telling us something about ourselves. This exploration will involve listening to the body-mind and may lead to deeper body awareness. Love letters to the parts of yourself that need it the most - Dipti September 7th - 4pm-6pm IST The space will guide us through a set of practices that will enable self-compassion and a deeper reflection into different parts of ourselves that need love, support and healing. The Power of Play: Meet Your Inner Playful Self - Anusha September 14th - 6pm-8pm IST Many of us tend to shut down or sideline that playful part of us as we grow older. Too many demands, too little time, too much Adulting to do! Some of us might even feel- “we don’t know how to create/sing/dance/draw”. Play is a beautiful way to engage with your heart, and to bring in more lightness, joy and curiousity. And we strongly believe that there is no “one right way” to play! Through this session, we will explore our ideas of play, challenge inner obstacles, discover our unique strengths and connect with other play-seekers. Understanding our Relationship with Feedback - Aishwarya September 21st - 6pm-8pm IST The space will be designed in three segments: Reflecting on one's relationship with feedback, learning about Radical Candor - sharing feedback

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